How many characters can I fit on a brick?

The number of characters depends on the size of the brick. A character means any letter, number, space or punctuation mark.

4 x 8, 21 characters per line, 18 recommended 
8 x 8, 21 characters per line, 18 recommended 

How many lines can I fit on a brick?

The number of lines depends on the size of the brick. 

4 x 8, 4 lines, 3 recommended 
8 x 8, 8 lines, 6 recommended

If I purchase a logo, will it reduce the number of characters and/or lines on the brick? 

It depends on the size of the logo, but it will reduce the number of lines on the 8" x 8" brick to 6 lines with 21 characters on each line. A character means any letter, number, space, comma, period, or punctuation mark.

What process is used to engrave the bricks?

The process that is used to engrave the bricks is Perma-Grav.  Perma-Grav is a patent-pending laser engraving process that produces the ultimate in durability for the brick engraving process.  Perma-Grav was developed and tested in the most rigorous environments and it has been proven to be one of the top engraving methods available in the market today.  This new laser engraving process produces precise detail, allowing you to order anything from simple text to full detailed graphics.

Do you have any stock logos?

Yes, we have a list of stock logos that you can choose from. If there is a emblem you do not see listed, please contact us and we will see if it is available.

Are the bricks guaranteed?

The quality of the engraving and the legibility of the lettering is guaranteed for the lifetime of the bricks. If there is chipping away, fading, or peeling of the inside of the letters of the brick, it will be replaced free of charge. We will also guarantee against the cracking or chipping of the bricks for the lifetime of the bricks.

Are you using a reputable company for the bricks and engraving?

The company that we have chosen has been in the business since 1975. The bricks are engraved to last a lifetime and are guaranteed the life of the bricks. We are sure you will be extremely satisfied with the final product.

Can I order a brick online or do I have to download the order form and send it in by mail with a check?

You can order a brick both ways. We are happy to advise you that a secure online Donor Site is now ready to receive orders. When an order is placed through our online Donor Site, the order is automatically placed in an Online Ordering System for review.

Can I order a brick with my business name on it?

No, the bricks are reserved for anyone who has served honorably in the armed forces or is currently on active duty or any veteran organization.

Can I honor more than one person on a brick?

No, each brick can have only one name on it.

How do I know my brick will be transcribed correctly?

In order to ensure that the brick will be transcribed correctly, we will send you a verification letter by email. After reviewing, kindly reply to the email and let us know if the inscription is correct or note any changes you may want to make. If you make any changes we will email you back your revised inscription noting the changes for you to confirm.  If you supplied an email and did not receive a verification letter, please check your spam folder.

Can I receive a letter for tax deduction purposes?

Yes, a letter can be provided to you upon request.

When will my brick be placed in the walkway?

The installation of the bricks will take place twice a year to coincide with Memorial Day and Veterans Day, however, the Veterans Walkway of Honor reserves the right at its sole discretion to extend the installation date of the bricks until the minimum brick order is reached (10 bricks).

If I purchase more than one brick, will I get a discount?

No, there will be no discount for purchasing multiple bricks.

Can I have my bricks placed next to each other in the walkway?

Yes, we will do everything we can to accommodate your request if the bricks are ordered at the same time.

I want to purchase a brick, but I am not sure what to have engraved?

The most common way to engrave the brick is with the name, rank, branch of service, dates of service, campaign, or armed conflict. If you would like us to help you decide, please feel free to give us a call.

Can I have the words "IN HONOR OF" or "IN MEMORY OF" inscribed on the brick?

No, although the whole idea of purchasing a brick is to honor the living or the memory of a loved one who served in the armed forces, we will not be allowing those words or similar wording to be inscribed on the brick.

Can I request to have my brick placed in a specific location in the walkway?

No, you may request to have your brick placed next to a friend's brick or relative's brick if purchased during the same order, but not in a specific location in the walkway.

What type of brick is being used in the walkway?

The finished brick paver that we are using is a clay brick that has a smooth surface and beveled edges with spacers on the sides. The brick comes in matching 4" x 8" and 8" x 8" sizes.

Can I have two logos on my brick?

Yes, you can have two logos on the 8" x 8" brick. You would still be allowed 6 lines with 21 characters per line.  There will be an extra charge for the additional logos.

Can I have "MIA" or "KIA" inscribed on my brick?

Yes, you may have such wording as "MIA", "Missing In Action", "KIA", "Killed In Action", "POW", or "Prisoner of War" inscribed on the brick along with any relevant dates.

Where will the logo be placed on my brick?

The logo is placed on the top of the 8" x 8" brick and is approximately three inches in size.

Can I have a motto on my brick?

Yes, as long as it is the official motto of the branch of service or unit.

How can I find out if someone has already been honored with a brick?

The easiest way to do this is to go to our search page and type in the name of the person who you wish to search for.

Can I have the date of birth and the date of death inscribed on the brick?

No, the only dates allowed would be the dates of service.

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